FC6, iSCSI + Oracle RAC and 23C3 — new stuff for the cold days

Wuff, the year 2006 nearly finished with the speed of light. But there is still one month left with a lot of new stuff to check out.

Last week I upgraded my notebook from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 6. Hey! Everything worked without a problem. Just the usual update of the fedora-release-6-4.noarch.rpm package followed by yum upgrade and I am on FC6…

There are two new OTN articles about iSCSI and Oracle RAC. The first one „Setting Up an Inexpensive iSCSI Linux Cluster Using SLES10 and OCFS2“ is from Mark Fasheh and Todd Trichler. The Paper is quite short and only describes how to get the storage part working. This article is also included in the „How-To’s“ section on the „Download OTN’s Greatest Hits CD“. The second article „Build Your Own Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 Cluster on Linux and iSCSI“ from Jeffrey Hunter includes an complete work through from OS installation to the RAC setup.

Finally the „Fahrplan“/Agenda of the 23C3 conference in Berlin got released too. That is definitely something you should check out…

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition

wow, the free Oracle starter database version – called Express Edition – has reached production state! In my opinion it has never been easier to get an working Oracle database installed on Linux. The download is just 220 MB large and you won`t belief it – it comes as an RPM package! Hey, and it already includes a nice web interface, which makes it easy to create small database driven web applications:

Oracle Express Edition - Web-Interface

You can find more information on the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition homepage.

Finally there is also a new version (1.3.21) of TOra – Toolkit For Oracle which also works quite well with the Express Edition. You can download TOra from tora.sf.net

[Update 05. Apr 2011: Please see also my new post: Oracle Database 11.2 Express Edition Beta]