Freshmeat for the Weekend 22/06

VMware Server RC 1 (Build 24927) got released! It is free, so grab a copy and give it an test drive. I just want to outline two advanced topics:

  • Linked Clones is an concept to use one basedisk for several VMs. Changes made by the VMs are written to snapshot images. That helps you to safe diskspace when using a lot of VMs. You can read more on how to do linked clones with VMware Server in the following thread on VMTN.
  • Use arbitrary block devices as Physical Disks in VMs. VMware normally allows you to use /dev/sd* and /dev/hd* devices. So you may run in to problems if you wanted to use LVM, soft-RAID (md) or things like AoE (ATA over Ethernet). vmware-bdwrapper solves such problems. Read how to get vmware-bdwrapper working with VMware Server in that thread.

But VMware Server RC1 was not the only release you should check out, get the following things as well if you are interested: