21C3 Video Recordings

Wow, it finally happend - the video recordings from the 21th Chaos Communication Congress are in the Torrent! Just have an look at the offical BitTorrent tracker.

Well I have my own list of favorite talks:

  • 013 The Art of Fingerprinting
  • 019 Verdeckte Netzwerkanalyse
  • 057 SUN Bloody Daft Solaris Mechanisms
  • 070 Fnord-Jahresrueckblick
  • 074 Hacker-Jeopardy
  • 097 Das Literarische Code-Quartett
  • 105 Honeypot Forensics
  • 109 Anti-Honeypot Technology
  • 123 Gentoo Hardened
  • 146 Mehr Sicherheit fuer HostAP-WLANs
  • 176 Passive covert channels in the Linux kernel
  • 308 MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday

To play the videos I had to make some small adjustments to mplayer. The AVI-Files use H.264 as videocodec and AAC (MPEG4) ID 0x706D as audiocodec. To get the audio I had to register libfaad2 for the ID 0x706D to hear the audio within mplayer. But that was all I had to do.