A Webmasters Struggle

Well, if you ever tried to put a website on-line you know that doing so can be a really tiresome business. Starting by Webdesign which looks completely different in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Going over to producing content that makes some sense when reading it.

I like to surf and read websites of companies doing similar business then I do. It is always quite interesting to see how different companies represent them self on the web. You get the really stylish websites with sexed up content. But it is like canned food, nice picture on the label but the food inside is already death. On the other hand you also get websites which may not have spend thousands of euros on webdesign and content, but you get the feeling there is some activity behind the curtain with content evolving over time.

In April 2005 my website got an average of 12 visits per day. To change that I decided to become one of the later websites. Lots of typos, bad design but more or less up to date content. So it will become a very interesting year to see how the traffic to my website will change in the next month.